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"If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen sie Deutsch sprechen." -- Willy Brandt

In a world that gets even smaller and more interconnected, all kinds of products and services enter new markets every day, making it a fundamental challenge for producers and consumers to understand and be understood. Better communication means better access to more choices, thus better lives.

QwertyWorks believes that no machine can ever connect people better than human linguists who can capture original content, context and tone and convey it into the ever-evolving local language.

In 2001, we filled the need to help develop the industry of localization in the Philippines by establishing Touchbase, our team that specializes in Philippine languages. Years of Continuous Improvement enabled us to sustain the "Quality in Quantity” balance and pursue excellence in every project we handle.

Today, QwertyWorks is composed of both Touchbase and TeamGlocal—our international language department—allowing us to connect producers with consumers speaking over 60 languages in 75 country-markets around the globe.

Our track record spans diverse industries including Information Technology, Law, Health, Marketing/Advertising, and Entertainment having rendered not just translation but also quality assurance, transcription, subtitling, bug fixing, user acceptance testing, and market research.

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -- Walt Disney

Jake Irwin Estrada

Founder and CEO
QwertyWorks Company

Maria Carla Santiago

General Manager
Philippine Languages (Touchbase)

Marco Abella

General Manager
International Languages (TeamGlocal)

Francis Luz

Finance Manager
QwertyWorks Company


“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” -- Johannes Brahms


Translation and Localization

From a one-man operation in the 1990s, QwertyWorks has grown from its roots as an end-provider of Filipino translations to managing large and complex projects for multiple languages and countries. Our seasoned project managers deal with deadlines of as quick as a couple of hours while keeping to quality tolerances of as strict as 1 error per 10,000 words. Building upon this decades of experience, our 24-hour crew of Production Coordinators answers emails and online queries for all project stages in all time zones. Working in our own offices, our team of in-house translators uses the most updated Translation Tools with the benefit of an immense pool of Translation Memories and Termbases accumulated over decades of operation. Simply put: we work on virtually all jobs for practically any language in almost any file format imaginable.


Quality Control

The Filipino worker's reputation for resiliency and pride in one's craft shows in the output that's delivered day-in, day out by our select team of linguists and Project Managers who specialize in Quality Assurance. From editing and proofreading to quality auditing and heuristic evaluation, we simply never give up in upholding quality standards as we are fully aware of our accountability to the ultimate customers: the end-readers. This stubbornness for quality often finds us embroiled in debates and arguments at all stages of the project--par for the course for professional linguists committed to promote the proper use and integrity of their respective languages.


Linguistic Analysis

If QC is the left-brained practice of defending linguistic strictness, Linguistic Analysis is the right-brained endeavor of creative empathy: crafting messages in a way that will evoke the intended emotions, perceptions and action. We've helped conceptualize some of the well-known Brand Names used in different industries today. We've also made our mark through transcreation, copywriting and cultural adaptation for several successful marketing and advertising campaigns worldwide. Our expertise in UI/UX linguistic consultancy was honed through years of working with the most demanding clients in the domains of mobile communication, consumer goods, Web/Internet/software and transportation: chances are the device that you are using today to read this text features an Interface that was developed with the help of QwertyWorks.


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QwertyWorks Touchbase:
In-house full-time linguists for Philippine languages

At Touchbase, we ensure linguistically-accurate and contextually-sensitive outputs through meticulous quality management. Our systematic organizational structure is designed to have a point-person for each crucial phase of every project. Through our in-house localization analysts—mother-tongue translators from different backgrounds—we serve Filipino localization with expertise in the subtlest cultural and social nuances of the written text. With high-volume capacity, we are prepared for any job and have strategic contingency measures in any event. Ultimately, when we are not leading lives that are immersed in the local pulse of the people, we strive to promote the Philippine languages and their proper usage to a universal audience.


QwertyWorks TeamGlocal: Native professional translators managed by expert PROJECT MANAGERS

At TeamGlocal, we help you reach your target market by making you speak your customers' language through native in-country translations. With our deadline-oriented process, stringent quality standards, and soda-induced energy, we guarantee on-time and excellent output each and every time. We also make it easy for you to get in touch with us through our 24-hour front desk manning and support from heads-up to post-delivery, and topnotch customer service. By meeting multilingual marketing requirements in translation, as well as in editing and proofreading services, we aid businesses expand internationally.








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QwertyWorks Data Services Company was founded in 2001 in the Philippines by Jake Irwin Estrada. The company itself is an offshoot of the founder's professional translation career that started in the mid-1990s; the "big break" came in year 2000 when he was offered a long-term project to translate the User Interfaces and User Guides for the mobile phones of Nokia Corporation Oyj that's meant for the Philippine market. Jake used his life savings to buy a second-hand computer worth PhP5,500 ($122) and started hand-picking his own team of dedicated professional linguists to turn his one-man operation into a registered company that is now based in Makati City, with production offices in Antipolo City.

Throughout the years, QwertyWorks grew without seed funding or venture capital, relying only on strict financial discipline and keeping its promises to customers.

Today, the team at QwertyWorks caters to more than 400 clients with the same trademark customer-orientedness and performance-driven service that customers have been receiving from Mr. Estrada for almost 2 decades. The company's output is now being used by billions of people in more than 75 country-markets, speaking more than 60 languages.